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Wildstar has been available for pre-order for a while now, and release (and head start – because it’s totally a race AMIRITE) are coming up in just under a month. And while I still haven’t put in my pre-order, it’s pretty clear that I will be playing the game upon release and should probably get on that. I mean, they’re giving you a rocket-house. And an extra bag because it’s more fun to restrict the inventory space of normals arbitrarily. And the head start, which is actually sort of nice because it means you can start playing on a weekend instead of the typically awkward Tuesday release date. These are all actually incentives that are useful to me!

But, as the post title suggests, there’s one bonus that’s on offer that I probably won’t take advantage of – and that’s the ability to reserve your name ahead of time. They still haven’t actually said how this is going to work (other than that it will be available May 13 – 23), but it will be interesting to see whether you have to pick a server to go along with your name choice, or whether your name will somehow be reserved across the entire game. If it’s the latter, then I can see this being a bigger selling point. And I can absolutely see the appeal for things like Guild names.

I know there are some people (probably a lot) that carry a particular name from game to game, but I’m not really one of them. There are a few names that I have reused over the years, but inevitably, I end up picking my name at the very end of character creation. Not because it isn’t important – in fact, it can totally make or break a character for me!-  but because I never feel like I can properly name someone until I know who they are. And I can’t possibly know that until I’ve gone through the rest of character creation. And even when I’ve already been playing a game for a while and could tell you with pretty strong certainty what race/feature/gender combination I am going to pick, I wouldn’t be able to pick a name until I’m looking at the finished product.

Am I weird in this? I can reuse things like a gamer tag because it isn’t tied to a character (and is sort of intentionally not name-like), but the name “Ellyndrial”? I don’t think I’ll ever really be able to use that again. It just has too much history, and that specific character means something specific in my internal pantheon. It works okay for some of the more minor characters that I’ve had – but usually those are characters that I really was interested in playing out, but never quite made it.

What about you guys? Do you reuse names from game to game? When do you retire a character for good?




  1. I have periods where I use a certain name, wich I bend left and right in different versions, then I get tired and move to something new to reinvent characters/myself. Sometimes it’s nice to get something brand new, and not all characters fits every name so I gotta change sometimes 🙂
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  2. I have a stable of names that fit certain character types. There is one for the barbarian warrior, one for the dwarf healer, another for the lightly armored range focused rogue. For no good reason, all my pandas in WoW are named after Hawaiian cities. But the name is never a “for sure” until the character creation process asks for it. When I am there, looking at my new character, he may get a new name. And then that name is part of the portfolio for the next character who fits that niche.
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    • Name reservations are good in that I don’t have to wakeup at 8am to do it on launch. Most MMOS actually have Asmiroth as a character name iown, which makes it hyper annoying when some other bum has taken it. Those bums.

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  3. A little from column A and a little from column B. I often try to recreate the same character look/idea from game to game – so I had a Margot in WoW, in Rift, in Star Wars (and even in WAR, I think). But a lot of that is because when I go through character creation, the same things look like an interesting character. With Wildstar, I still ended up with a tank/stealther, but completely different looks. So I pulled a name (Vaclav) out of my hat and made a joke of it (Vaclaw, because stalker-claws).

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