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Let’s try a thing

Apparently this blogging thing is taking. Or, at least, it’s been a couple weeks and I’m still interested in doing it. So I’ve decided to set up this here website, and to migrate all the content over from WordPress.com. I think that, generally speaking, WordPress.com is a great site that makes things really easy to use. You can even use it in the background while aiming your own domain at it. That’s probably the best way to do things for the vast majority of people. However, I kind of like to tinker, and having my own host and dealing with things myself has a certain sort of appeal. We’ll see how it goes.

Please let me know if you run across any issues, or if there are things missing that ought to be here. Yes, I know the site is very generic and doesn’t even have any header images or anything, but those will come soon!

Anyway, I’m glad you’re here, remember to update your RSS feeds/bookmarks, and email me at gryth at this site’s domain if you notice anything particularly broken/desired. I’ll see what I can do.