Cat Context Episode 40: EQ Landmark, Pre-ordering MMOs, more Hearthstone

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Cat Context 40: EQ Landmark, Pre-ordering MMOs, more Hearthstone

Episode 40 of the Cat Context Podcast is now available! This week, Liore and Elly welcome special guest Aurelia to talk about EQ Landmark and Hearthstone impressions.

Aurelia attempts to defend paying up to $100 for alpha access in a Free-to-Play game. Liore and Elly both agree that this is a pretty terrible idea. In the end, we agreed that Aurelia is probably wrong and went on to talk about the actual content of the game: generating sweet maps for your personal game, getting rich off of virtual land rushes, and just how long it will take for the sky to be marred by hundreds of floating penis sculptures.

Then, we turn our attention to the Hearthstone beta. Liore and Elly have been playing for a while, but Aurelia just got started! We talk about the new-to-CCG player experience, general impressions and strategies, and why even a relatively simple (compared to Magic) game that appeals to a more casual audience is actually a good thing for the genre as a whole.

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