Listmas 2013 – Beer is Tasty!

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It’s day five of Blogger Listmas 2013! Every day from now through Christmas, I will be posting at least one list on a topic of my choosing. Most of them will be about games, but (possibly) not all of them. Hope you enjoy! For more on this, you can have a look at this roundup of all the posts, or follow the #Listmas tag on Twitter.

I missed yesterday, and today is Christmas Eve, which means champagne! This year, my brother-in-law managed to secure a jeroboam from Scharffenberger which seemed like a lot! But then it was gone after only an hour and a half… Then, I remembered that I needed to do a post, so I’m going to follow through with the theme! Here are some of my favorite styles of beer, and an example or two of each! I am on the west coast, so that clearly influences things.

  1. Every day drinking – There’s lots of styles for this, but I’m thinking, generally, of lagers or ales here. Actually, that’s silly. I’m thinking of two specific beers. If I am just looking for something that suits pretty much any given day, I’m going to reach for either a Kona Longboard or a Rogue Dead Guy.
  2. Christmas/Winter Seasonals – This is my favorite beer season! My favorite is definitely Anchor Steam Christmas Ale. This is good every year, and if you can get it, I totally recommend it! Sierra Nevada Celebration is second, although, in actuality, it has been surpassed by some friends’ homebrew on a couple of occasions. Although, they are terrible about remembering recipes, so it never turns out quite the same.
  3. Neil is the best. He likes Anchor Steam normal. I do, too!
  4. Black IPAs – These are awesome. I homebrewed one this year with my brother, and it turned out very well! I got turned onto these at a tour at Widmer Brothers, where I had their Pitch Black IPA. I think my favorite overall is Wookie Jack from Firestone Walker. This is good stuff, and I can drink it pretty consistently.
  5. Sours – These are kind of expensive, which is unfortunate, because they are good! I especially like Kriek style ones, with sour cherries. Cascade makes a really good one. Everything I’ve had from Cantillon has been great, but it’s basically impossible to find. I definitely recommend splitting these with people, especially at first, because they can take a while to ease into.

IPAs are sort of the standard “beer drinker’s beer” and I can definitely understand why people like them. But, sometimes, they get a bit over bitter for me. That said, I’m a fan of Pliny the Elder (which I can actually get reliably) and Stone IPA – for a relatively less bitter beer that is still hop-forward.

I’m sure I’ve missed some! Remember that I’ve had plenty of champagne!