Cat Context 43: Broken Age, Backlogs, and Insta-levelling

Posted By on Jan 23, 2014 in Podcast |

cat-context-verticalCat Context Episode 43 is now available!

Arolaide was a Kickstarter backer for Broken Age, and she reflects on the feeling of ownership that comes with that. The crew has a discussion about the ups and downs of the Kickstarter process and what it means. Also, she has actually played the game and gives some early feedback!

We also struggle with knowing that we all own more games than we are likely to ever play – especially since new ones keep coming out! Ellyndrial remains optimistic on his chances of getting through them, but Liore is less sure. We discuss our strategies for tackling these monstrosities, and what exactly it means to complete a game.

And, finally, we touch on the topic of the upcoming Warlords of Draenor expansion for WoW – and specifically, the notion of instant level 90 characters. Do we care? Does it matter? How much is this sort of service worth to you?

Of course, there are the random other topics: Ellyndrial played in the Magic GP Sacramento last weekend! There’s some new MMO up on Kickstarter! We are really professional and have good segues!

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