Totally Legit Movies, Ep. 2

Posted By on Feb 18, 2014 in TotallyLegitMovies |

I think I can see the light at the end of the tunnel work-wise, so hopefully I will have a more “real” post coming soon!

In the meantime, please enjoy Episode 2 of Totally Legit Movies! Liore’s post has a bunch more thoughts on the mechanics of making a video cast, which are interesting if you are so inclined.

This week, Jess and Max talked about Lovely Molly – a demonic possession film that I would normally have no interest in. So far, they’ve succeeded in making me think, “Huh, that sounds pretty interesting! I’d even think about watch… OH WAIT NO.” Which, honestly, is pretty high praise! For the second half of the show, Jess and I discussed the surprisingly endearing zombie-based romantic comedy Warm Bodies. And, well, if “endearing zombie-based rom-com” doesn’t make you want to see it, I’m not sure what else will. Maybe the fact that it stars the kid from About a Boy? In either case, we liked it and hopefully so will you!

Please have a watch, and continue with the great feedback.