Cat Context 49: Ready Player One review, WildStar patches, ArcheAge alpha

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Episode 49 of the Cat Context podcast is now available!

This week, Liore and Arolaide put their English backgrounds on display, while I simply did my best to not look like a total idiot, as we reviewed the hit novel Ready Player One!

While the book has been available for a while, Liore and I finally got around to it, and just in time for the Facebook purchase of Oculus VR to bring it back into focus. What do we think about it? It’s definitely popular – but is it any good? Liore breaks out her English degree (and attempts a pun). Aro talks about virtual car design! I… am easily amused.

We also talk a bit about WildStar’s latest beta patch, prominently featuring a UI revamp and new body type options for character creation! We chat about our impressions and try to decide whether this impacts our intent to purchase or play the game.

In What We’ve Been Playing, Liore talks about her early alpha adventures in ArcheAge chicken farming, Aro talks about the continuing adventures of OrangeLady and OrangeLady’sBrother, and I show off my totally sweet emo vampire Masque.

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