Cat Context 55: Finally, Casual vs. Hardcore! Steam Summer Sale Purchases!

Posted By on Jul 16, 2014 in Podcast |

Note: I missed posting for several episodes. They can be found on the podcast’s main page, over at YouTube, or in your podcast app. You should listen to them, because they were good!

Episode 55 of the Cat Context podcast is now available!

After a few episodes missed due to travel, I returned to the podcast to join Liore and Arolaide in a discussion about the last several weeks in gaming.

Last week, a community manager from LotRO let out what is surely the industry’s worst-kept secret: raiders are simultaneously one of the smallest and most vocal segments of their community! Who knew?! Besides everyone. But it has prompted some discussion, and we joined the conversation. We start out discussing whether raiders get more than their fair share of developer attention, but as these things go, eventually worked our way around to casual vs hardcore.

Liore quickly jumps on the hardcore-is-awesome train, despite being a filthy casual, by calling out “casuals” as more often displaying elitist attitudes. In the end, we come to the conclusion that most of the problem actually lays with the bads – especially those who know they are totally not bads, you guys. After that, we took a question from Telwyn about how our attitudes towards MMOs have changed over time (thanks for the question, these always seem to start interesting discussions!).

Also, we get around to talking about our Steam Summer Sale purchases! I whine a bit about being in an MMO funk and “falling behind” in Wildstar. Aro talks about box forts and moving tiny people across state lines. Also, she takes offense at me not thinking that watching her build her rocket house is “interactive group content”.

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