Cat Context Episode 59: The Crew beta, Silent Hills, more Destiny

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First things first, links to previous missed episodes.

Cat Context

Episode 59 of the Cat Context Podcast is now available!

This week, Liore, Ellyndrial, and Arolaide got together to talk about The Crew PC beta, the terrifying Silent Hills teaser, and Destiny’s future.

The Crew recently held a beta event on the PC, and after a mad scramble to get keys, all three of us had the opportunity to check out the upcoming CaRPG! We all agreed that it was gorgeous to look at, but we are unsure about its long term plans and “MMO” factor. But is that really that bad when you get to speed around a city crashing into things while looking like Gordon Freeman? Maybe not.

Also, Liore and Aro are finally allowed to talk about P.T., the Silent Hills teaser. This leads to some spirited discussion about how awesome the series is, in general, and a lot of Elly saying things like this. Overall, they are quite impressed with this take on the horror genre and the specifics of this “stealth marketing” campaign.

Finally, we talk some more about the other games we are playing! Several mobile games come up! Elly is excited about Destiny! We got a listener mail!

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