Cat Context Episode 60: Divinity: Original Sin, ArcheAge Launches, Dragon Coins

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Cat Context

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Episode 60 of the Cat Context Podcast is now available!

This week, Liore, Arolaide, and I talked about the Kickstarter-funded RPG Divinity: Original Sin, the launch of new MMO ArcheQueueAge, and the addictive mobile game Dragon Coins.

Aro has been playing Divinity: Original Sin in co-op mode, and she talks about how much her household has been enjoying the throwback nature of the game. We also learn (again?) that neither Liore nor Elly has ever played Baldur’s Gate, and this sends Aro into a sweary rage. Is it okay for us to skip out on an intimidating classic game because of its depth? Or are we just cowardly monsters?

Liore has spent a lot of time in queues for ArcheAge, and even a little bit of time actually playing. She talks about her early Alpha-colored impressions, and shares concerns about the future of land ownership and its impact on non-headstart players. We all hope that it shakes out and can support both casual goose-pluckers as well as more competitive trade pirates, and think it has a chance to be successful if both groups are happy!

And then… Aro discovers the joys of Dragon Coins, the crazy little Pokemon-style mobile game that we blame Liore for getting us to play! Should we or shouldn’t we recommend this? Who cares, because the monsters are SUPER CUTE! Elly also mentions Magic and eyes glaze over. Liore goes to school with pigeons!

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