Cat Context Episode 62: Gettin’ Scared with Spooky Games and Movies

Posted By on Oct 22, 2014 in Podcast |

Episode 62 of the Cat Context Podcast is now available!

It’s almost Halloween, and in honor of our favorite spooky holiday, Liore, Arolaide and I sat down to talk about scary games and movies, and what gets our blood pumping.

Liore starts us off by talking about the differences in her reaction to scary movies and scary games. Aro is all for them, and she lets us all know (spoiler alert: she really likes Silent Hill 2). I comment a bit on the different types of scary, and what those mean.

Zombies are pretty cool, but are movies handling them as well as possible? What about games? How do we feel about vampires? It’s unclear. We do like scary space stories, though, and the intrinsic terror of being alone in space. Can games handle this within their restricted design… space? Regardless, we think that games could learn a thing or two about pacing from films.

Also, something-something-Alien. And Aro is skeptical when it comes to horror games where you can’t fight back. Liore sighs very heavily at <insert grimdark horror game here>.

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