Extra Life 2014 is Tomorrow!

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Extra Life 2014It’s almost here! Extra Life 2014 game day is tomorrow (Oct 25), and I’m almost ready! There are always a bunch of last-minute things to do – try to build a list of games to play (and some semblance of a schedule), install them, make sure I have some non-potato chip snacks around, get plenty of rest – and this year is no different.

First things first, though. I’ve had a great response this year, and together we’ve already smashed my fundraising goal! This is super awesome, and I wanted to thank every one of you that has contributed so far. I also wanted to reach out one final time to anyone that is on the fence. Please do consider donating – even $1 or $5 can make a difference.

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So what am I playing? I’m honestly not entirely sure yet! This year is a little tricky because I’m not playing any MMOs, which are always a good way to sink 4+ hours into a single thing. What I do know is that I am going to be playing at least one horror-ish game, because apparently the fact that I don’t really like them is a thing now. These are the things I do for the entertainment of my gracious donors!

The games that I know that I’m playing:

  • Alien: Isolation – This sounds pretty awesome in terms of atmosphere and scary factor. A bunch of people agreed that this is something I should play on camera, and therefore I will. I’ve heard varying reports on how deep in you have to get before it’s interesting and/or extra scary, but I’ll push through it for the kids.
  • Dragon Age 2 – So I made it through Act 2 on my initial playthrough before WoW and other things took me away from it. And Telaan swears that the entire point of the game is to watch how little things change within the same world over time. So I’ve started over. I’m a few hours in, and playing a mage this time, so Extra Life seemed like as good a time as any to try to hook myself back on it. Plus, Dragon Age: Inquisition is coming out soon, and I want to be able to play it, but I really need to have finished this one first!
  • Gunpoint – This is an indie game made by Tom Francis who I discovered through The Crate & Crowbar podcast. I really like the podcast, and I finally picked it up as part of a Humble Bundle. I played the first 15 minutes or so, realized I liked it, and decided to save it for Extra Life. Indie games for everyone!
  • Telltale something-or-other – I’m not sure if it will be The Walking Dead or The Wolf Among Us, but I love playing these things during Extra Life. They take up an hour or two per episode, and are just super fun. Plus, people can get to see the agonizing choices I make.
  • Batman: Arkham Origins – Good mindless beat ’em up that I’m ~10 hours into. Figure I might as well finish it up, and this is as good a time as any! Plus, I’m watching the new Arkham show and random Batman things are always fun.
  • Euro Truck Simulator 2 – Yeah, I bought this one at some point. I will try not to pass out from sleepiness while driving across Europe. Much like a real trucker!

I’m sure there will also be various other multiplayer games, probably a Magic draft, and whatever else I need to keep me going. I usually pick some sort of upbeat platformer because apparently zoned out at 4am is a time when my reflexes get a lot better. Who knew?

Anyway, come stop by the Twitch stream and say hi! Pick a game off my Steam list that you want me to play! And wish Liore and me luck!