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Welcome to the 21st Century

Posted By on Aug 28, 2012 |


Wow, a blog, how very original! And one written by a gamer who thinks he has something interesting to say, at that! Well, yes. I realize that I am incredibly late to the game. I also realize that people have been doing a far better job of this than I am ever likely to and that they have been doing it for far longer than me. Even so, I am hoping that I can add my voice to the conversation, and hopefully bring something that is at least interesting – if not unique – to the table.

I’d say there are a few primary reasons that I wanted to (finally) start a blog. First, I obviously think that I have interesting – and correct! – views on things. I think that’s a really common viewpoint for someone who considers themselves important enough to write on the Internet. Even so, I hope that its true. The more people that are discussing a topic, the more likely we are to have a well-rounded conversation and be exposed to different ideas and opinions. It’s also nice to join in on the echo chamber, from time to time!

More importantly, though, I wanted to start writing again because it’s something that I’ve always enjoyed as a way for me to really explore my feelings. I’m one of those people who has a much easier time processing my thoughts on a situation through discussion – I’ve spent hours talking about random topics with friends and family (both online and off) and a lot of the time I don’t end up knowing how I really feel until the end of the conversation. Sometimes it’s later than that, once I have a chance to let it roll around in my head. So I figure that, rather than constantly saddling the people that care enough to listen with all of my inner thoughts, it might be useful to write them down and let people engage in the discussion at their own pace.

And finally, I also just wanted a place to share the things that I enjoy and write comments about them.

Why Should you Listen to me?

Like I said before, you probably shouldn’t. I like to talk a lot, and I like to make my friends listen. If what I say is interesting, I’d love for you to use it as a topic of conversation, or as a jumping off point for your own thinking. That said, and since this is primarily going to be a blog about gaming, let me give you a bit of my history.

I’ve been gaming for basically as long as I can remember. I started on an Apple IIe with games like Hard Hat Mack and Death in the Carribean. I remember being given an NES for Christmas when I was about 8, and I still have one (although not my original) sitting in my closet. Ever since those days, I’ve been caught up in gaming. In 1996, a friend showed me a game on AOL called GemStone (a text-based multiplayer RPG), and I was completely hooked. I joined in, and played some incarnation of that game for something like 10 years. It was the first subscription-based MMO that I would play, but definitely not the last. Since then, I’ve played many other MMOs, but most notably: Star Wars: Galaxies, World of Warcraft, and RIFT. I’ve also kept up a steady console habit, play Pen & Paper RPGs (started with D&D 3.0, with various reasons keeping me away before then), and have a casual interest in Magic: the Gathering.

Basically, I’m a gamer. Probably a lot like you. I can be very opinionated, which is probably also a lot like you. And, clearly, I’m wordy. That may or may not be like you, and it’s something that I’ll work on. Hopefully, you’ll stick around and read what I have to say! And do feel free to tell me where (you think) I’m wrong. I typically enjoy the discussion.

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